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I just finished 6 weeks PT with Jess. I can not recommend highly enough! Jess provides a very holistic approach with genuine concern for building and maintaining a tailored program for my needs. She's so respectful and professional and easy to talk to. Honestly the best thing I've done for myself recently and I'm going to keep working with Jess as a gift to myself.

Sara D

Jessica is very professional while at the same time very friendly. I found she gives just the right level of encouragement and is very aware of how and when to tailor the program to get best results. I have just completed 6 weeks with her and am going back for another 6 weeks as I saw such good progress. I would recommend.

Esme O

Jessica has really motivated me to get moving through the UK winter lockdown, she has helped me work out more effectively and given me loads of great advice most notably with regard to lifestyle and diet whilst caring for a toddler.
I feel more confident and stronger and that’s all thanks to Jess.

Kathleen D

I just finished a 6 week program with Jessica and I was delighted with it. I've learnt a lot about nutrition and exercise. I really appreciated the support from Jessica as it kept me motivated and helped me get stronger. The exercise plans are easy to follow and the weekly sessions with Jessica were something to look forward to. Jessica is a great Personal Trainer and I would recommend her!

Lena D

I would highly recommend Jessica as a Personal Trainer. My fitness levels have greatly increased in a very short time period and this was entirely down to Jessica's techniques and motivation. She is very personable and patient and I have thoroughly enjoyed my runs with her.

Ruth S

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